samuel won!

oh yes. you know what people?
samuel tan won the f&b heroes show.
this is so LOL la.
never mind, sakae won. that’s good enough.

kelis and i were like OMFG?!?!
yup. very exagerated reactions eh?
okay la. i am sure zheng seong have the same reaction too.

okays. so i finished my ecology test today.
no more test already.
holidays !!!
but i realised there;s alot of work still need to be done.
hydraulices and bio practical lab sheets.
maths tutorial and MOL.
whoa~ gonna get busy again. with school work.

never mind. since i am going to malaysia-desaru tomorrow.
for holidays. with my family of course. LOL.
it’s only 2 days 1 night la. kinda short. NO. is too short.
LOL. never mind, it’s good enough.

then next vaccation : bangkok.
with CEE and us, EWT.


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