The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

yesterday the SJWP(singapore junior water prize) competition was kinda okay.
6 finalists presentaations to get the champion to go sweeden to represent singapore.
lol. the emcee dunno how to pronounce e.coli. so LMAO la.
she pronounced it as ‘e coli’. correct pronounciation is ‘e colai’
hahaha. we laugh like mad. coz that’s our favourite bacteria.
everything also e.coli de. freaking funny.

after that, me, winnie, hui hui, liyana, pei zhen, valerie and wei lei went to plaza singapura to watch movie : narnia.
the movis started at 8.50. ended at 11.20.
i think it was around 2 and half hours.
kinda long show. starting was kinda blur, for me.
coz, i didnt read the books before, and see the previous movie.
but i think its not bad lor. no idea why some say not nice.
i really like the rat. so smart sia!

kkays, anyway.
before that. after we bought the tickets.
we walked to cineleisure. ate subway. loves their double chocolate cookies so much sia.
hang around abit. then, hui hui and liyana went to suntec.
we went back PS to play arcade.
waited for time to pass. went into times bookstore.
and craped. yup, it was fun lor.
den we meet up with everyone at the cinema.
valerie was the last to arrive. haha. from her guitar lesson.

after the movie. we chionged out. lol.
it was very late den.
kelis send me back home. i was so happy!


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