just a short update.

CRAP man. that samuel tan.
saw his show just now.
me and kelis was like LOL la.

so fake, so fake, so fake

i never had a meeting before la.
the floor plan is for us to check nia.
plus tiong bahru outlet so small.
no need station de. >.<
and samuel is like smile until so fake.
maybe i’m just not used to it.
coz he’s like so sarcastic de, always.

and the part 1 MC thingy.
bugis always have people MC de la.
i heard hwee si name. LOL.
den always call people from tiong bahru help de.
saw han yong, chee seong(dun know his spelling), ellen(spelling error?), melvin.
LMAO. so cute eh? han yong like blur blur. …
too bad didnt see chew lin, sharon. LOL.

part 2 worst still.
damn fking funny la.
he always that style de.
handling customers.
smile smile den crap.



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