test, personality test.


the following is from the test.
my answers and results.

question 1. rank.
pig, sheep, horse, tiger, cow
money, love, family, pride, career.
kinda true to certain extent.

question 2. wad u think of these animals.
dog – loyal
cat – cute
rat – dirty
coffee – sweet
sea – fun
dog is ur own personality
cat is the personality of ur partner
rat is the personality of ur enemies
coffee is how u interprete sex
sea implies ur own life.

question 3. for each colour put a name.
yellow – wang zhi
orange – kiti
red – bao ting
white – yan ling
green – kelis
yellow is someone u will never forget
orange is ur true friend
red is someone u love
white is ur twin soul
green is someone u will remember for the resr of your life.

some are so true, while some are so wrong.
do have a try!


Anything to say?

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