TEST and procrastinate.

you know what?
seems like i dun have the mood to study today.
i keep saying i want to bath at blah blah.
den the time came den i said. just play a while more la.
then another half more hour.
still say want to play somemore.
den now that i finish bathing.
i still dun feel like studying.
okay la. maybe i 5pm den start studying.
okay la. serious. i think i will go study at 5.
im so good at procrastinating eh?
yup. and i will, i must study biology!

anyways, today autoCAD sux, big time.
didnt finish the whole drawing.
i think some of my measurements were wrong.
i keep moving things lah!
okay, forget it. i think this module result will sux.
plus, only wei xiong and valerie finish.


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