maths test

kkays. i think i’m pretty happy today.

let’s recap.
i was so blur today that i reach school at around 8.30
my test starts at 1.30 la.
you see. how blur can i be. i think this is the extreme case le.
then i messaged kelis early in the moning to wake him up and asked him to come down to accompany me.
look, i am so bad as a girlfriend too. ):

engineering maths test was freaky easy.
i mean. it’s not even o level’s standard.
even the lousiest sec 3s students can do it. i bet.
the test starts at 1.30. i finish at 2.19.
LOL. it was suppose to end at 3!
then i rechecked. waited till there were people leaving.
then my clique started to leave too.
yup yup. ((: and it was around 2.45

so now. i am at home.
just finish doing the layout for kelis blog.
and. it’s finally done!


Anything to say?

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