common tests.

i totally forgotten to blog about this.
today was the start of my common test.
the first common test in ngee ann poly.
it was kinda okay. to me.
almost the same as those exercise in notes.
some even said it was almost the same as previous years test paper.
well, i can’t rate on that.
i didnt touch on previous papers.
haha. you know. i am THAT lazy.

engineering maths test tomorrow.
and i havent started revising yet.
kinda dun feel like revising.
it’s like A maths.
why do i have to go learn A maths again.
it’s excalty the same lah!
okay la. i trust that what mdm nurlaila taught is still inside my brain.
coz, i trust mdm nurlaila! haha. ๐Ÿ˜€
maybe, i’ll go read through my notes/TYS.
to at least be good, and hardworking.
if not, my hardworking image is gone.

and what the heck.
i spent several hours looking for a blogskin that is suitable for a guy, but to no avail.
LOL. im pursuading kelis to create a blogger account.
instead of using the friendster blog.
and i read his previous post.
so emo, like . so alone.


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