feelings revealed

me and kelis really talked about alot of things just now.
like, really ALOT.

the future.
if we really can last 5 yrs.
coz he’s kinda nt that young.
and that’s e earliest i can marry. LOL. =.=
3 yrs also. that’s when i graduate.

and about my parents too.
wad to do if we ever accidentally met them.
f-ked them sia.
they dun allow me to have bf ma.

then. the guys i liked before.
and the gals he liked before.
surprisingly we talk that quite openly.

i told him abt a particular him (X) and JY.
but mostly about X.
alot alot of feelings i told him.
he say it’s normal to have a lil’ part of you still liking them.
X will always remain as X to people whom i’m not close with.
but kiti they all will know.

i guess kelis too.
still have a little part of him liking fiona.
blah. okay, im jealous.
but i’m not gonna be a double standard person.

it was really emo just now.
even now. yes! till now we are still messenging about these.
we talk about all these in pizza hut.
and much more.

i told him so much more things i ever told other people before.

he told me many other things too.
i realise that he actually has alot of charm.
coz, many gals liked him.
(which was why i didnt exactly felt welcome in bugis)
and now then i realised,
im actually very blessed to have this good guy.


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