happy 3 mth anniversary.

i just feel like writing this.
happy 3 mths anniversary, my darling! >3
time kinda past fast with you.
i remember the blur me when i first went to bugis to help out.
u were the runner.
we had no contact.
even during off work, when all of us ate sushi.
then, i depend on zheng seong.

2nd time at bugis.
we work tgt at the same station.
it was really fun.
u asked for my number in a cool way.
and that was not the real u. haha.

den, on V day.
went to eat at bugis again.
tio so many ppl suan. LOL.
so paiseh la. >.<

den rumor began to spread fast.
btw bugis and tiong.
coz of chew lin and karen.
even kitchen staff also know.

i remember quite long time from thr.
we were not put tgt at e same station.
must be chew lin jealous.
purposely seperate us. …
until maybe arnd 2/3 more times to bugis.
we were at e same station again.
CD. the most private one. LOL.
we even held hands behind the counter lor.
that is so freaking funny.

and that was the last we ever work tgt.
kinda sad we didnt have a chance to work tgt in TBP.

i really treasure the times we are tgt.
even with our huge age difference.
we always communicate well.
and, im so touched that u are so genuine towards me.

((: i’ll be thr for you!

PS: we even went to eat at TBP sakae to celebrate. so sad that desmond wasnt thr. )’:


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