im aching from my floorball camp.
my leg muscles. all totally aching.
walking will causes pain too.
squating even worst. more pain.
climbing stairs too.

so much physical training.
many will be a great idea for guides morning PT.
WAHAHA. im like, so bad la.

2 rounds around the field. (800m)
den 30 jumping jacks.
followed by 30 push-ups.
for girls is 15 non-standard and 15 standard.
den 20 of ‘squats den pumping position’. i dunno wad is it called la!
den 20 cruches. i think.
followed by 3 minutes of cycling in the air.
lastly 2 more rounds on the field.
but the girls did 3 rounds!!!!
i was jogging non stop for that 1200m lor.
wow. i think that break my own record.

we had bonding games for the first night.
double wacko again.

den the kidnapped game.
from sec 3 camp.

i think this was kinda different.
i said THINK coz, i was being kidnapped.
so i dun know wad was going on for the rest of them.
well, we tried solving their clues too.
den we play riddles.
thoes kinds like ‘how many meh meh jump over the wall’.
yea. these kinds of tricks.
while i was having fun suaning others coz i knew a particular trick,
my brown group came and saved me! LOL.
yea. den we ran all e way from the ‘upsatirs thing that overlooked the admin field’ all the way to grand stand.
and we were first. whoa!~
okay la. i didnt do anything.

second day. other then the PT i mentioned earlier on.
we had many other games too.
captain balls for girls.
they were like much better in that den floorball lor.
hahaha. oops.
yup. ((:
after several rounds.
we finally went up to the sports hall for floorball.
wow wow wow.
the way the senior guys played were totally pro.
they controlled the ball damn well la.
tapping and everything.
fata even can control the stick with one hand.
he is like the most pro.
den there is like an obvious different between the seniors n juniors.
but we learnt quite many things during the court training.
we did better face-off. HAHA.
and im damn sure i wanna train to be defender.

then. thats about it.
break camp!
waited for kelis.
his bro came and fetched us to AMK.
i like his bro car lor. …
yea, whatever.
went to ate at sumo house den go home le.


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