sorry for disapperaing for SO so long.
yup. ((:

i have like nothing to update already.
school is as usual.
i still sleep as early.
i really have no idea why others sleep so late!

maybe the only thing i can update now is that i got my common tests (CT) timetable already. OH NO!

monday, 2 june 08.
1st paper is oh-so-dreaded HYDRAULICS!
one and a half hour paper.
i think i can roughly estimate my marks.

tuesday, 3 june 08.
engineering maths.
hmm. guess i’ll focus more on domain n range.
my weakest topic since sec 3.

wedensday, 4 june 08.
LOL. really no comments.
i guess im quite okay with this module.
and, i already borrowed licence for home use.
den i can practice at home.
plus mr lau also said that it’s open book!
so .. no worries.

thursday, 5 june 08.
environmental biology.
it’s like pure geography.
i mean, you have to memorise quite an amount of things.
so yea .. back to memorising.

my first upcoming tests in NP.
hope i am bless with luck.
that the lecturers are kind enough to set the paper easy?!


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