i miss QTSS.

i saw so many ppl blogs saying they miss secondary school life.
i miss it too. queenstown secondary. …

kiti, yan ling, bao ting, jing yi. my clique.
i miss them LOTS.
i mean, if they are in NP it’s not that bad.
BUT, all of them in SP.
we have practically no chance to meet.
can we like have a outing, gathering??

i miss it too.
i know we are naughty
i know we ever so made miss chee angry.
i know we caused alot trouble to mdm nurlaila.
i know we suan mr chia alot.
i know we made mr wan mad.
i know our humanities sux.
i know we are actually not united.
i know, i know, i know.


my dearest guides too.
i miss camps, campfires.
i miss planning camps.
the bloody hardwork we put in for guides.
luckily we going to have a outing every month.

AH. i just feel im too slack.
must be i no CCA to commit myself to.
i like too much free time le.
really not used to this.
last time was guides and homework.
now only homework and projects.
maybe i commit myself to TAS.
LOL. u know, i hate trainings.
but it’s the training that bonds people.

why wasnt i shortlisted for ambs.
*sob sob* )’:

and now i ponder,
is it kinda late for me to join in TAS?


Anything to say?

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