failed to get in ambassadors

Fuck you nabe chao chee bye.
I am not shortlisted for the ambassadors officer interview.
God damn it. Argh. Baka!!!!

Just what did Kimberly wrote on my interview sheet.
Just what did I say wrong.
Just what did I do wrong.
Or, just what didn’t I do?
Cryuff , joel and I weren’t shortlisted.
I think sarah was.
Fuck you, fuck fuck fuck.
I mean it. What did I do wrong.

I just have to hope now that I am eligible for BE envoys.
I promise I’ll be devoted and committed to BE envoys.
If not, I’ll be CCA-less.
If all else fails, I’ll just go for the adventure seekers la.

Chee bye. Spoil my plans. God damn it.
Now now, just how do I be a redcamp 5 SL.
If I am not a ambassadors?
Haiz, at the very most, forget it la. LOL.
When time comes den tackle it ba.

Tomorrow there’s another interview.
PUB scholarship interview.
I need good luck people.


Anything to say?

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