samuel tan and sakae.

kelis told me yesterday he saw a commercial of samuel F&B show.
like, finally.
samuel gone for that show like kinda long ago.
this shows : mediacorp is slow.

15 MAY 2008. 8PM. AT CHANNEL U.

FnB Heroes

餐饮服务业的幕后英雄,将直击他们的专业领域.每集选出最佳服务业精英! 观赏节目,投选你心中的餐饮英雄,还有机会赢取丰富奖品! 最后一集会看到一组服务业精英为名人爸爸献上一餐。

F&B Heroes is a showcase of service heroes, their skills and professionalism. In each episode, they will compete in various tasks. Tasks like getting the orders right, setting the tables up in record time, mixing up the best concoction, making up a dish based on limited ingredients etc. The finale will feature celebrity dads seated for a Father’s Day lunch with the dream F&B team.

must watch. if u wan to know who’s samuel tan.
that skinny, tall guy.
wearing a black blazer.
freaking short hair, wear contacts coz of that show.
he in the commercial arnd last few seconds.
that bloody slacker king.
always at his laptop or at table 1.
forever slacking. AM somemore.

but his not bad la.
sure has skills.
if not why chosen for that show.
plus, i like him to arrange for me the tray when i was first training to be a runner.
but i dislike him slacking so much.
almost everything like karen doing de.
both same rank lor. for heaven sake.

if samuel ever read this.
think im gonna die.
LOL. 😛

now i wonders.
if i wanna go bak work during the semester brreak.
do i have to deduct $50 for the uniform again?!
hell. why didnt i think of that when i quit.
should have ask for tempoary stop or something.

but if no one i know left.
i would not consider working thr le.


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