my $20 laptop skin.

i bought that yesterday.
at atrium.
they having s IT fair.
looks nice, and i bought it.

i gain weight alrdy la.
its all my kelis fault.
boohoo. )’:
feed me so many jap food.
must eat less.
and spend less money.
HAHA. (:

today was totally slacking.
oh ma, im just too relaxed.
surf webs.
den did a tiny bit of ecology research.
ANAMMOX. rephrased parts for the wiki.
gonna upload that soon.

now then start doing EG1 tutorial.
haiz. so slack.
i wan things to do la!

i think bio project is done.
slides with hui hui.
yea. ๐Ÿ˜›
this is so freaking slack.
unlike SP student.
always see them so stress up.
dun get so stress up, SP peeps.


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