im bored from slacking and EG1.

1. kelis
2. kiti
3. yan ling
4. wang zhi
5. winnie
6. jie yong
7. hui hui
8. jing yi
9. bao tong
10. aaron

[Comes randomly.]

Who is #6 having a relationship with?
JIEYONG. none.

Is #9 a male or female?
BAOTING. female.

If #7 and #10 are together,would it be a good thing?
HUI HUI, AARON. confirm wun la. they dun know each other.

How about #8 and #5?
JING YI, WINNIE. hell?! les. impossible to. dunno each other

What’s #2 currently studying about?
KITI. DTRM. tourism n resort management.

When was the last time you talked to #3?
YAN LING. QTSS speech day @ SP

What kind of music does #8 like?
JING YI. chinese music. like me.

Does #1 have any siblings?
KELIS. yes, older bro.

Will you woo #3?
YAN LING. hell no, im not les. ^^

How about #7?
HUI HUI. same as above.

Is #4 single?
WANG ZHI. yea. i think so.

What’s #5’s surname?
WINNIE. argh. i dunno.

How about #10?
AARON. sin, i think

#4’s hobby?
WANG ZHI. dota-ing? slacking.

Do #5 and #9 get along?
WINNIE, BAO TING. who knows. they dunno each other.

Where does #2 study at?

Say something casual about #1?
KELIS. he loves me lots. (:

Where does #9 live?
BAOTING. telok balngah.

Are #5 and #1 best friends?
WINNIE, KELIS. no, dunno each other. BUT, #10 n #1 are.

Does #7 like #2?

How do you get to know #2?
KITI. pri school, sec sch.

Does #1 have any pets?
KELIS. yes. a dog named puffy. super hyper dog.

Is #7 the sexiest person in the world?
HUI HUI. ok ok ba?


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