SG club bear bear family tree club outing.

my first SG club outing.

in one sentence i can sum up this.
it was really fun.
the bears were very friendly.
i actually crap alot with them.
i am the youngest there, i believe.
haha. yup.

we meet at the bishan MRT at 3.30
i dun regonize them lor.
hui ting, sonic bear and tian wei were there alrdy.
yup, i forgot who comes next la.
5 of us meet there first.
den went up to GV to wait for haloez141, cesario.
HAHA. sonic bear treated me and hui ting to nachos, popcorns and drinks.
sonic bear is good eh? haha. (:

den we had to wait for the hall to open.
LOL. 1st time saw a crowd of ppl waiting for that.
IRON MAN is nice!~ he is so cool.
den the figurine dunno falls into whose hands.

after the show we went back to MRT.
waited for ppl to join us for dinner.
larren, no_time, frankie, ryuza.

went to the hawker center beside bus interchange.
had the chicken rice sonic bear recommend
not that very good, i think.

me, avn, cesario, ryuza left first.
so, i dunno wad time the rest left.
haha. yup.


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