ambs’ games session.

yup. like what the tittle suggest.
today was the game session for the ambassadors.

mine timeslot is from 5-6.
we had 2 games only.
1st was debat.
yup. LOL.
that was to see how confidence we are.
as what they said.
okay, i got no confidence.
ya ya ya. i admit.
that’s why, ambassadors suppose to train me.
yea!~ LOL. (:

next was tabbo.
that card game.
well, the reason for that game
i dunno how to say.
so, all games have a purpose.
so good in planning.

i saw a bunch of apaches there.
cryuff, sarah and a guy i forgot his name.
with joel and others.
i dunno where the hell they going lor.
i want to go with them.
they are bad.
never jio me along.
a bus came to pick them up some more.

my next interview.
the leaders interview.
mine is at next thursday.
at the library.
my interviewer is kimberly.
i believe she is a apaches SL.
coz , i saw in redcamp blog.
her name was found under apaches.
oh well, another apache.


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