yup. that was what we use on monday environmental biology practical.
we saw animals, mosquito, tick.
larva, eggs. whatever.
its disgusting.

i love bacteria more.
nice circular patterns.
many different colour.
i feel like seeing what e. coli looks like.
40% – 60% of us have it inside us.

that was for monday.

today, kelis waited for me after school.
after the whole BE envoys interview thing.
we went TBP sakae sushi.
to take my transport fees.
coz my mum go and call the HQ.
then, they call karen to settle it.
i think so.
make me like money faced.

it was fun la.
went into the kitchen.
it was during buffet time, by the way.
so kinda free.
i miss the kitchen staffs lots.
they have many ways of calling me lor.
espically the dishwasher.
PANHUII~~~ , dragging the ‘hui’ until very high pitch.
damn funny.
if not, whenever i walk pass will goes ‘jialet la’
coz im really very jialet la.
den, raymond, ah hao, ah boon want me to be runner.
LOL. say want to jam me. haha. (:
i miss ah fatt, he’s not there today. haha ^^
thay are a very playful bunch of ppl.
sort of miss the way they tease me.

i feel very ke lian towards them le.
i mean, the service crew.
there is only karen, desmond, mark, ching working.
like totally no service crew.
karen is runner. LOL.
didnt see her do runner before.
its like very pathetic le.
li jun on MC.
the new girl (shld be 3 weeks alrdy but to me is new )
i think is my age too, have school.
den i heard from kinki like jolin and jun li quit?!
wa seh.
sakae sushi really have no people.
i want to go bak work during the 7 weeks holiday.
yup yup, haha. ((:


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