just finish editing the eco wiki.
so tiring.
but the pictures gone sia.
gotta tell my team mates soon.
next week presentation.
i think.
so have to do up a slide show.

done finish my MOL thing too.
i mean the second one only la.
think monday tutorial just do the written one will do.
den if extra time continue the third one lor.
i mean, its just a math.
learn before, if can do den do ahead lor.
yup yup.

next week no lesson.
4th week have to do a essay.
got all the info le.
just haven written in down.
okay, still have time.

enviromental bio.
i searched 2 websites alrdy.
info found.
just haven do up a slide show too.
presentation on 13 may.
still enough time too.

i think im too relaxed.
or we still too slack.
but wad else can i do.
lol. ๐Ÿ˜€


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