BUAT(buy u a tea) session

tonight is the BUAT session just for red campers!
i was excited at first.
coz im going alone.
yup yup.
and joel said he wanted to go too.

i saw cryuff from apaches.
he and me is like the regular taggers for red camp blog.
i was bored at first.
i mean, thr were no one i know la.

and thr were so many apaches.
as far as i know of,
ninjas mostly come from dip of IT lor.

so i stick to cryuff group.

played ice breaker
some speech from ambs and the alumni chapter.

den had bubble tea from each-a-cup.
nice nice.
the food too, very nice.
tuna mayo sandwich. and cream puff.
i ate 3(1/4) tuna mayo sandwich.
i only ate 1 cream puff.
den went to atrium for mobbers.
danced all for one mass dance, twice.

den i went off to meet kelis alrdy.
didnt stay any longer.
haha. kelis is alrdy waiting for me le.
den took 52 to junction 8 eat.
he was very hungry la.
work le, some more be runner.
i ate a bit only.
carrot cake at food junction.
den went home le.
yup, it was late.
i reach home arnd 9pm lor.



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