reunion with queenstownian.

speech day at SP.
we, the ex-queenstownians, sang the school song VERY LOUD.
LOL. really. like damn loud.
guess we were practically screaming and shouting.
the way we sang, seems like the times back in upper sec assembly.
totally seems like making fun of the school song, by shouting the ‘YES’
but, it was still as funny.
i think all of usmiss the times back at queenstown.
i espically miss going down to 4C to play dai dee. even in my class too.
and, im still as lously as ever.
LOL. i always dunno how to rearrage my cards.

oh yes.
and we clap real loud for our batch of prize winners.
the top o level scorers.
poh wen yuan got special mention in the speech by the new principal.
wa siao eh. dun play play.
7 straight A1s sia.

kinda sad didnt have a chance to chat with ms chee.
and some other teachers.
heng i chat with mr chia yesterday alrdy.
miss him lots. espically his lameness in class.


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