second day of school

today class end VERY early.
we started at 9.
ended at 10.30.
mr tan only talk a bit about environmental biology.
oh god.
i so freaky long nvr touch bio le.
at least 2 years le.
i am a geo student, not a bio student.
im so dead.
on no. cells and whatsoever.
jialet. have to learn to draw cells.
suddently i miss pure geo so much.
i would rather learnt geo, draw geo diagrams.
convection rain, waterfall, blah blah.
much easier then bio la, CELLS?!

tmr’s thr practical.
hmm, auto CAD.
learn drawing. lol.
hydrulics too.
like physic sia.

ANYWAY, me and wei lei and pei zhen went to SIM eat.
haha. we walk for so bloody long, got so bloody lost, den found the gate at LSCT to SIM. lol. and its crowded inside la.
the upside that it is air conditioned.
den we go slack at ourspace@72.
pei zhen went to IT helpdesk settle MOL things.
she cant log in la. i think.
valerie also.
slack for quite long thr. den went to bus stop tgt with wei lei.
den took 75 home.

hate my freaking heavy laptop.
plus notes. all so heavy


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