first day of school

today first day of school.
me n huihui n winnie met up at bus stop tgt.
haha. they were late.
i was early.
haha. im always early de.

today lesson quite bored.
nth much going on.
a bit of math.
den internet got prob.
cant do the math online thingy.
so all wasting time.
lecturer let us go off early arnd half hour break.
actually we wanted to buy the notes
but we end up slacking at canteen.
den the otther half of class got their notes.
lol. me, winnie and huihui bought it after class.
class ends early today.
coz practical only have the safetly briefing.
den let us off le.
early for arnd 1 plus hour.

did some EG1 work at home too.
haha. too bored ma.


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