second day of BE FOP

today is totally pathetic.
ok, not totally.
class attendance only half.
think the rest wan to pon amazing race.
lol. …..

meet at 8 plus at bus stop.
as usual.
edwin was holding the damn nice flag of ours!
i love it la.
simple yet nice.

i tio interepted my so many MSN. lol.

today actually not much event.
some course briefing by course manager.
den for the ‘save the egg’ compeition.
this game alot ppl play b4 de.
i think.
is like, throw a egg from a building.
den have to built a device to protect the egg.
so as not to break it.
but NP made that kinda special.
have to do auctioning for the items.
plus they didnt say out wads the item.
only describe it out.
so sometime really cant figure out wads that.
some is much easier to guess.
but we only have 3k.
straws was in high demand la.
1.3k, i think.
lol. den only a small bunch of straws.
but ours broke la. in the end.
coz from SIXTH floor le.

den was the amazing race.
8 stations.
some were tiring.
some were lame.
1 was pretty disgusting.
the rest kinda normal.
and some were fun la.
most of the time were spent on amazing race la.
okay, thats abt it. …

now, all half of the class got each other emails n numbers.

tmr sentosa outing with my guides.
okay la, ex-sec 4 guides.


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