first day of BE FOP

today FOP is kinda bored.
they say 8.30 meet at bus stop.
i 8.00 alrdy reach.
saw so many BAOC ppl.
waited till arnd 8.40 den the SLs appear.
hmm. …..

den bought us to LT 28.
many many speeches.
by director, emcees, BE society, BE GV(green volunteer), NP ambassadors, blah blah.
that’s lot, okay?!
i want to join NP ambassadors!!~
i want to be red camp 5 SL.
think i’ve said this alot of times le.
ANW, my class is small.
20 plus ppl.
EWT only has 48 ppl.

lunch was ok. buffet kind. haha.
den we had bonding games.
wacko, pocky(the snack thing), animal farm, some ha ha game.
wacko is the morn 1 that all camps play
but ours was double wacko.
the is a inner n outer circle.
2 pair up for 1 inner n outer de.
ie: 1 in front, 1 behind.
the rules still apply.
just that is the behind ppl call names.
but names must be inner circle de.
when 1 got wack. the original wacker takes the position of the behind one.
so the positions varies la.
haha. that was quie fun la.
den pocky one was kinda really need bonding..
they divided us into 2 lines.
feed us a pocky stick we gotta pass it down.
but the thing is we gotta bite off a bit each turn.
so the sticks get shorter. and. haha.
they put us alternate guy n girl.
animal farn also played b4.
blindfolded us. grp us into diff animals.
den scattered arnd. suppossed to find our animal family. haha.
kinda chaotic.
with the animals sounds. haha. (:
ha ha game was lame.
ppl slp on each other stomach.
1st person ‘ha’ 1 time, 2nd person 2 times, so on.
kinda lame. lol.
thats about it la.

den plan cheers n flag.
cheers is the kop from SU FOC de.
tmr learning the lyrics.
sounds nice.
flag was nice too.
haha. my phone no cam. just a stupid basic phone.
so no photos. kinda sad.
they drew a wall of bricks, with a water droplet sort of creating crack on the wall.
den a few words lor.
EWT, BE n class(1H01).

hope tmr more fun.
thr’s amazing race.


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