a day whereby thr’s no work.

i just reach back home.
morning met up with kelis.
den went over to sakae to return uniform.
quite a pity, didnt go into the kitchen.
desmond, karen, ching n mark all were thr.
jolin too, of course.
gotten my pay slip.
as usual, was $1000+

den went to QTSS.
met up with wang zhi n guo rong.
i finally gotten my O lvl cert.
still alot ppl haven take yet.
and i heard from the teachers that the speech day need tickets.
so we cant enter.
the SGC thingy still cannot take.
MOE still haven give the teachers yet lor.
hmm, kinda slow. ….
nurlaila say maybe speech day got vaccacy den let us in.
lol?! haha. nvm den.
i just wan to join in the fun to see see nia.
3 gold alumni recipients.
that’s alot.
so many ppl got go take price lor.
like 15 top o lvl scorers.
yea, eddie came late.
when we alrdy finish eating.

den we went up to the hall.
eddie wanted to charged his laptop.
bought not long ago den spoil le.
internet cant connect at home.
can only connect at SP lor.
told you, acer is no good.
play some badminton.
1st time exercising in 2008.
see ppl, im rusty alrdy.

after that, i went to funan.
with the intention of getting a laptop sleeve.
did i say before the one that fujitsu gave was far too big n heavy?
i got a pretty normal looking one.
at 23 dollars and a few cents.
not bad, i think.

i think that’s about it today.
thr’s FOP tmr.
wonder who’s my classmate.
if thr are more guys den girl?
and speaking of that.
guo rong say his course has more girls.
wad’s surprising is that he’s in some maritime management course.


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