my freaking annoying mother dun understand english.
she doesnt freaking well pass her o lvl right.
she doesnt understand the meaning of privacy when kids nowadays OBVIOUSLY do.


took my phone outright and read my message.
who do you think you ar.
even if you are my mother u have no freaking rights to take my phone. what’s more reading my messages.

i dun even read your messages lor.
as if yours is anywhere near exciting to read…
im gonna take your phone n delete all your messages.
i dun care if u see it or not.
and i promise not to care a hoot about you when u r freaking old.
my brother can do that.
i won’t.
and as people know me.
im damn good at keeping my promises.

and now, phone-less me only remembers kelis number.
that good enough anyway.
im not gonna be bak home until 11.
im gonna let you the result of u not returning my phone.
im gonna drag half hour before off-ing work.


Anything to say?

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