kkays. let me update.

CNY eve.
the first thing i step into sakae sushi is ppl running here n thr.
very busy.
jun li, jolin, ching, desmond, samuel were doing the takeaway n delivery.
me, zheng seong, mark were doing the dine in ones.
den the places was like in a mess.
coz our outlet is small no place for stuffs.
even though work halfday only.
it was like doing the dinner rush lor.

got a call from ching to report at square 2 at 10.30.
so went down lor.
i was early.
11.45 alrdy thr.
the place was like very little ppl.
almost all the shops were closed.
i was basically slacking.
i think tiong was busier.
den at 7 plus.
got ppl call to book a reservation.
for 22 ppl.
it was the first time i saw so many ppl at square 2.
and their bill only come up to 100 plus.
i heard.
so MANY ppl, so LITTLEใ€€money meh?!



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