haiz. today working full day again.
im going to die from working too much sia.
3 stright days working full days.
10 hours per day.

and we are SO lacking people.
terry n jerry quit 2 days ago.
mei qi quit when i waas there for 2 days.
and i am only a newcomer.
still cant take order.
my most prefered job now.
the easiest and the most fun.
just bring customers to seat.
take drinks order only.
the worst is only open cans and classic drinks bottle.
i DUN WAN to learnt to be RUNNER.
i carry tray alrdy not stable le.
still wan train me to be runner.
my supervisor say nxt week tain me to take orders.
must be coz of CNY.
i kialet lor.
must learn menu.
learn their shortcuts.

LUNCH soon!~



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