what a day today.
firstly, saw kiti cousin. kai jun.
i was like ‘hello?’ trying to catch his glance.
coz at that moment, forgot his name.
den call him kiti’s cousin.
saw sherman and kian yong.
pri sch friends.
with their friends eating buffet.
keep teasing me.
damn funny sia.
keep wanting me to clear their plates.
coz they say the table with lesser plates pay.
lol. how lame.
den for dessert.
one guy keep saying want the strawberry.
den i keep telling them buffet dessert cant choose.
only mochi ice cream.
supposely is BUDS lava brownie.
1 keep saying want strawberry.
another wants haagen dazs.
lol. tio suan till like that.
when they left i was like ‘finally’



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