i just thought of something ms chee showed us during lesson.
grades from the previous batches.
we used to stare in awe of their grades.
o lvl all 1, 2, 3.
we used to though it will be impossible.
and their prelim grades.
range from 1 to 9.
i remember 1 example.
someone jump from 9 to 3/2.
i forgot.
we were like. OMG.
u sure it’s possible?
we had that kind of thinking.
plus they had more time after prelim den us.

den now for us.
that’s wad happen too.
sleep in class.
always dun do HW.
test results was single digit.
exams f9.
he got B3 too.
classic case.
luqman also.
same case as eddie.
i heard all of us got 1, 2, 3 too.



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