redcamp 4 spec prog.

jieyong pei me go NP.
reach thr arnd 9.05.
den the SL came to bus stop.
and joel goes ‘welcome to ngee ann poly’
alot of times to me.
like. LOL.
when kit n yan reach
we went to sch of BA.
our space @ 72.
of course. jieyong lead.
and joel too.

had games n so on.
ice breakers, thats wad they call it.
quite ice breaking.
i feel
2nd game wan us grp in months.
like whoever born in which month.
cant use voice, cant use hand signal.
end up all using ez link.
suppose to find things.

R-red pair of spec
E-8 pair of socks
D-do a cheer when finish collecting other 7
C-candid pic shot
A-(i forgot.)
M-mp3/hp song of ‘all for 1’
P-pic of matt ‘that pose’ with matt
4-4 tribe shirts from SL

den my dec grp miss out quite alot.
den some other grp won lor.

nxt was tour.
i went to SOE
kit went to BA
wang went to ICT.
so i was like alone in my grp.
i was only interested in EWT.
den they show us areospace
other engineeering stuffs.

after which was lunch.
it was lously.
compared to redcamp4 stuffs.

den we went for amazing race.
after a skit of the chronicles of open hse.
adam with that voice
screaming sushi.
it was hilarlious.
went to library n gym.

den bak to LT68e
dance by the tribe mascots.
and SONGs from kim
and matt n clement can really sing well.

den the flash mob. mass dance.
it was kinda wierd.
dancing in atrium.
with joel.
haha. but still enjoy it.

the best part of the RC4 spec prog
was not actually its prog.
but more of seeing the SLs
making MORE new friends.
seeing mattt n kim as emcees again.
and the vid they showed us in the end.
really touched.
they stay up late to prepare this.
and im glad to say i enjoy it.
even thought thr only 11 ninjas.
we r small but powerful.
we have reinforcement hiding everywhr!
im quoting from joel.

provided my results is good.
provided i get into EWT.
environmental n water tech.


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