some things TP gave on open hse.

went to TP open hse on sat.
they had a tour guide for us.
thats cool.
way better then others that left us hanging.
he’s from applied sci sch.
its whr i wan to be.
if i go TP.
and the exact same course im interested in.
he gave lots of insights on that course.
make me more tempted to join.
den saw their mass dance.
guess wad?
it the 3c 06 class dance.
in sec 3 camp.
same song. i forgot the title la.
dance move arnd the same.
with a bit difference la.
and they were damn high.
i love that kind of spirit.
made me miss REDcamp.

i sign up for the red camp special prog
on 19 jan.
for their open hse.
im looking forward to it.
i bet it will be damn high.
coz thr’s all for one mass dance
and amazing race. yea!
cant wait for sat. ^^


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