oh god. lol.
i only got B3 for chi o lvl.
damn not satisfied. but not going to retake.
cant fight with other ppl.
plus oral only merit.
lower chance of improving.

today oral dunno is gd or bad.
passage abt a family going aus for hols.
den ruined by harsh weather condition.

pic is abt bus 61 trap in flood water.
simple as that.
i dunno wad im talking.
i talk abt monsoon. rain. tampanies.
dunno correct anot.
and alot other stuffs.
they asked 2 quesions.

conversation is abt weather n environment.
suppose to be advantage to me.
coz we take pure geo.
den the only thing i link to geo is
‘as i learn geo, i know the effects that man do to earth’
lol. wasted, didnt make use of geo sia.
haiz. but i talk abt future generation. den environment.
den i dunno why.
throughput the conversation.
from a certain point,
the keep nodding their head, violently le.
maybe i say some things they agree lor.

siao. i dunno even know how many question they ask.
they ask their question n i ans mine lor.


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