my mom is crazy. last night i was studying, as usual. until 10pm. she then ask me to go sleep. i told her a while more as im still going differentiation. then, she just wait there. i let her waited LOR. she rather wait for me than to sleep wad can i do. she’s only wasting her time. den till 11pm she was there nagging me to stop. down there kao pei say why everyday need to wait for me to sleep. i was like is u wan to wait ma. i didnt forced u LOR. obviously i didnt say out LA. dun wan to argue. den my bro 24/7 playing com she also nag. NOT as much as she nag me le. wad e FUCK(sry but im FED UP.) she wans. i study also dun wan. say i got no time mgt. always study at night. u bloody hell think i got time to study in e afternoon AR? crazy. den wad u wan. i dun study ar. at most i dun study LA. i fail u dun blame me LA. LIKE THAT HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO SIT FOR MY OS. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO GET INTO FOOD SCI. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO GET 5As. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO BE A 10 POINTER. lol. i only study 4 hrs a day le. at most 5 le. it’s NOT enough LOR. i wan to study u dun let. nvr seen a mom like that le. STUDY le. NOT play le. iam already MIA-ing from my SGclub le. wth. i still need to copy river notes le. WHO ASK ME TO BRING MY GEO WKBK HOME N DO. DEN NVR BRING TO SCHOOL. NEXT TIME DUN BRING HOME DO LE LA. DUN DO LE LA! IF NOT I HAVE TO COPY NOTES LE. WHOLE THEME LE.(GET THIS! IS THEME. NOT CHPT. NOT TOPIC. ANY IDEA HOW MANY PAGES OF NOTES IS THAT?! ) WTH. FED UP SIA. DO ALSO LIKE TT. MIGHT AS WELL DUN DO. COPY LA! ARGH. somemore is not as if i study by coping le. i study by audio le. copying lines doesnt help lor. .. .. .. ..



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