ok.. here’s more up date.. continue from yesterdays post ba..
science: physic 25/65 MCQ changed to 23(bloody wan mark wrongly den minus 1 mark) overall 60%
e math: paper 1 45/80, paper 2 75/100, total 65.6%
history: 24/50

OMG OMG OMG.. i actually failed my phy n history.. that chia set so diff.. but luckly there chem to pull up.. if not.. gonna die.. then there’s history.. i keep saying i will fail b4 taking the paper.. coz cant memorise.. den didnt know i really fail.. wad im most frustrated is that i failed by ONE mark.. and its all because of my SBQ.. 8/25.. OMG OMG.. is mr loh mark de.. haiz.. ):


Anything to say?

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