i have been going home late for e past 2 nights..
first night was coz i had to attend a PNA talk at HQ..
that day after remedial.. pei sze, lay fang, sher ying n i went with ms chong in her car to HQ.. we went j8 first n ate mac.. mrs dass, yu ping, flo, fanny, glynis, jocely came after that.. e talk start at arnd 5.. it was abt e amendment of e badges.. some’s conditions were extended, some were simplified, some were added to other badges.. once e guider talk abt something abt e guides gg 4 PGA dunno e countries in ASEAN.. den lay fang n i were discussing that for arnd 10 min.. n we only rmb 9.. e last 1 we forgot le.. after that was abt finning in e PNA form.. blah blah blah.. lay fang n i were toking away.. haha.. den it last abt 2 hrs.. ending at 7 pm.. we went to eat our dinner at mac(again).. haha.. on e way bak saw melvin n jun hao .. they gg home from tuition.. didnt know that they both went to e same tuition.. erach home at arnd 9.. did some HW n watch TV..

ytd night was e meet e parents session.. mr lau’s speech is mostly e same as e previous.. blah blah blah.. didnt really listen to it.. and there’s a speech from a lecturer from SP.. tok abt poly edu and … didnt really listen either.. was yawning away.. haha.. after tt went bak class.. my mom only tok to mr wan.. coz too many ppl.. went bak quite early.. didnt stay long..


Anything to say?

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