camp finish le.. quite tired la.. 1st night slp only 4 hrs.. yesterday slp a bit longer.. 6 hr.. but today remedial still tired.. almost fell asleep during chee lesson.. haha.. lol.. reach home le watch hana kimi.. coz i ask my mum to record last two days de.. haha.. yea.. now wan to print e hey math n do.. n also do tuition work.. dun feel like sleeping le.. like not tired le.. haha..

i found don’s friendster.. but he last 2 wks nvr log in.. nvr add me.. sian.. dunno if he noe me not under his group for e service learning ma.. haha.. lol.. and i got jason’s msn from benjamin.. haha.. he go and kop e pic that we took at e service learning from jason de msn display pic lor.. i wan le.. why they haven send us yet.. lol.. haha..


Anything to say?

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