today giv out e cca pt e paper.. crazy sia.. i only got 9 pt.. den pei sze also only got 9 pt.. alot of thingy never add in.. esp all e guides CIP.. we did alot of CIP for guides lor.. and also all e south div e competition we got win de pt also nvr put in.. so angry sia… haha… den dass still say we confirm get A de.. lol… haha.. den we write on e amemd paper write until like crazy.. both page like almost gone le.. imagime how much thingy nvr count in.. but now is dunno will count PNA de both award and e UG shield and if they count the highest pt or all also count.. siao lor.. only like e band members de teachers got fill in for them. all of us de.. esp UG de.. everything likr nvr write de.. almost all e thingy is like missing de.. den also dunno wheather NYAA do de library de CIP hours can put in anot.. if can den gd.. like tt got xtra alot hours le.. den we also got write down all e recruit training camp.. coz johans de unit camp also got write somemore mr lee sign lo.. johans also write alot also all sign.. dunno got miss out anything anot.. hope can get A la.. coz can minus 2 pt le.. for o lvl..


Anything to say?

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