hmm.. today got the career workshop.. learn ur personality(DISC).. find out which jobs suits u.. OMG.. the S personality is suitable for zoo keeper.. busdriver.. cashiers.. OMG.. all the lan jobs.. haiz.. haha.. but many ppl belong to S personality de.. haha.. little in D.. D is like leader, dominating, discipline.. all e leader thingy.. I is like the life of the party.. likes to meet ppl, likes to talk.. have many friends.. S is steady, stable, dun like changes… C is creative, calculative… lots more la.. just tt i lazy to take out the bklet to copy.. haha.. all these from memory.. also learn how to dress for interviews.. how to prepare.. like e kind of questions they will ask.. thats all ba.. all about the career things.. zzz…


Anything to say?

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