wa sian.. first day of sch give hw le.. amath de.. by fri hand up.. hmm massive change of teacher.. pe no more mr neo le. change to mr chiang.. jialet.. always run 2 rounds first.. den is history no more mr ng.. change to mr tony sim.. omg.. think i fang qi history le.. i hate tt teacher lor.. jus find him disgusting.. argh.. den a math also change.. ms chong not teaching le.. change to mdm nur laila.. jialet.. her expection so high.. 100 percent pass msg 2.5.. never hand in home work call parents..eng also change.. all bands got change xcept band 1.. my band 3 change from mr osman to ms khoo.. haiz.. no more jokes and slacking le.. mr osman go do his biz.. haha.. cme also change from ms lau to mdm hariyati.. thought she only teach homec.. haha.. seats also change.. now to window side.. third row.. with eddie.. sian la.. changes and changes and changes.. but luckily today no geo.. double period geo is on mon.. so mock exam is on mon.. heng ar.. everybody take timetable first thing see got geo anot.. haha.. den got new classmate also.. daniel i think.. transfered from newton.. quite lonely sia.. haha.. wad to do.. newcomer is like tt de.. no choice.. sec 4 liao den transfer… wierd right.. haha.. so funny seeing e sec2s wearing long pants gg sec 3s.. haha.. and so wierd being sec4.. coz all dun look like sec 4.. haha.. think tt all le.. tomorrow got tuition.. haven do work yet.. haha.. den must do a math hw also.. zzz..
oh ya.. good news.. 4b not at 4 floor.. so heng dun need walk so far.. is 4a and 4c at 4 floor.. find e arrangement a bit wierd..bad news is with all e normal class.. damn.. they very noisy lor.. esp e normal tech.. argh.. distracting.. zzz..


Anything to say?

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