hmm… the geo assignment has already been up on e blog le.. lol.. so many homework.. haha.. gonna die le.. lol.. e geo de deadline is on 4 dec somemore.. so fast sia.. think i do the reflection first.. that is easier.. haha.. (: easier den grp de.. haha.. lol..

Group Members:
1) Chng Pei Sze (Leader)
2) Chua Mei Qi
3) Goh Pan Hui
4) Ho Yenn Ting
5) Ann Lee
6) Chan Li Zhong
7) Chia Kuan Koon
8) Eddie Koh
9) Eric Ng

lol.. i added that just to make my post bigger..
and sort of remind me who’s in my grp.. haha.. (:


Anything to say?

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