‘last’ cum fun day of sch

today is consider the most happy day of my bloody sch life.. hahaha… morning got the normal lessons… den somehow at eng the fire alarm went off.. hahaha.. is false alarm de la.. reaL de emergency ex. is at math.. den we went out of the school to the clarence lane.. we like sat there for very long.. we plwyed games to kill time la.. den the noise lvl too loud.. mr osman had to shh us several times.. after tt was ss.. den its time to get back PPR.. hahaha.. i didnt improve on the class position.. but percentage think got improve la.. eng got c5.. chi and combine sci got b3.. a math got a2.. e math got a1.. combine humanities and geo got c6.. haha.. sucky result.. help me count the l1r4 le.. hahaha…after giving out the PPR.. we pack our bags and arrange the tables to practice e ACES day dance.. hmm… after around 3+ .. most ppl disappear and went home le.. den for no reason.. we all started to get high.. hahaha.. must be due to 3c de ppl… we went to 3a to sort of compete in the dance.. den went back to our class to compete with 3c.. after which.. the class began to look like a disco.. off lights.. loud music.. overcast sky.. many ppl jumping and dancing around.. hahaha… imagine that.. plus its raining… looks like a mini campfire.. hmm… how fun could thAT be sia.. too bad those ppl went home early de never get to see hoe high we get.. i shouted till my throat pain le.. hahaha.. oh.. and we ran in the rain… while going to the bus stop.. we were all soaked lor.. hahaha.. lol.. and it was cold… brrr.. hahaha.. lol..

Anything to say?

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