out for movie

Jus now 12.30 went to meet wang zhi and yan ling for movies.. met them at tiong.. outside old chang kee… den went up to buy tickets.. the omen.. 1.30 de show… went down to food courts to eat.. but a lot of ppl.. den saw Melvin.. also saw kian yong… but he dun recognize me liao.. went to BK.. yan say very ex den change to KFC.. when we order that time.. saw Elizabeth.. but she also dun recognize me liao.. sad sia.. haha.. after eating finish went up.. that time around 1.15.. still early.. so went to arcade.. see wang play.. 1.20 plus den went in to cinema… guess who we saw.. rong sheng and Felicia.. haha.. den wang go di siao them a bit den we go in.. throughout the whole show yan like damn scared sia.. like hiding behind her bag.. den I tell wang next time wu ye zhang got horror show ask her to watch.. haha.. actually the show quite nice la.. abt 1 devil boy the head got a 666 birth mark… haha.. very hard to describe la.. must watch den will know de.. after the show around 3.30.. den go great world.. guess who we saw again.. rong sheng and Felicia.. the world is really too small sia..den wang go di siao them.. again.. we go arcade again.. play a particular game.. dunno its name sia.. I only rmb last year went with nic and wang to watch the harry potter that time also got play.. haha.. den rong sheng and Felicia saw us.. again… finish the game liao den walk until around 4.30 den go take bus.. 16.. wang go bukit merah.. yan go tiong take MRT.. me go home.. den in bus saw lay fang and her friends.. they going walk walk.. den I reach my stop jiu alight.. go buy eggs for my grandma den walk home.. now at home blogging lor… haha.. lol..


Anything to say?

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