Oh no.. today is Friday.. means that school is starting soon.. not that I dread school but is that I havent finish my home work.. how.. do now la.. haha.. lol..

I havent finish a lot of things le..like.. geo wb – lots of pages, chem. TYS – lots, hey math ws, phy ws – which I lost it, and learning for geo mock exam and test..

argh~ a lot right.. haha.. I hope that Monday dun have A and Emath, phy, chem., double period geo – single period I dun mind… haha.. coz double period means mock exam ma.. lol.. somebody help me~ lol.. no one can help me xcept myself.. looks like I got to finish all that by.. erm.. mon.. or sun.. plus tomorrow most slightly still got library duty… haiz.. there goes my half day of ‘free’ time.. haha.. time for doing homework.. but.. ok… lets look on the bright side of life.. going for library duty is for my NYAA ma.. haha.. lol..

One last thing.. sorry for not blogging for so long.. oh.. and I wun let my blog go rotting de.. haha.. lol..

Hope I am bloging soon.. haha.. or else.. anyway.. till next time..


Anything to say?

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