some quiz…

15 person that comes to your mind now :
1:bao ting 2:yan ling 3:jing yi 4:kiti 5:jasmine 6:wang zhi 7:darwin 8:aloysius
9:jie yong 10:yenn ting 11:yuen fong 12:nicholas 13:johans 14:russell 15:yan jun
Have you ever hugged 1? Bao ting- no
What’s the best memories you have of 10? Yenn ting- nth much
Why are you friends with 9? Jie yong- tks to a prank call during 1D`04 chalet
When’s the next time you’re gonna see 6? Wang zhi- sch reopen ba
Tell something juicy about number 15: yan jun- she’s my gd fren fm BPS
What do you like about 8? Aloysius- he’s my kor le..
Is number 4 attractive? Kiti- ok ba
What was your first impression of 7? Darwin- Very dark
How did you meet 3? Jing yi- classmate
Do you think 13 could kill someone? Johans- who knows
Is 11 your friend? Yuen fong- ya.. my pri sch fren
Have you seen 12 naked? Nicholas- no… no way
Has number 4 seen you naked? Russell- no
Have you ever kiss 5? Jasmine- no
Do you think 2 has a crush on you? Yan ling- no
Who do you spend the most time with? Bao ting, yan ling, jing yi
What is the last thing you did with 1? Bao ting- walk to bus stop fm sch
Have you ever hung out with 2 outside of school? Yan ling- ya.. sure
Have you ever been to 3’s house? Jing yi- no
Have you ever slept with 5? Jasmine- no.. dun think so
Do you think 6 is sexy? Wang zhi- dunno
Have you ever liked 7? Darwin- no..
Where is the last place you went with 8? Aloysius- no where
Are you real close to 9? Jie yong- ya.. quite close
What kind of relationship do you have with 10? Yennting- frens
Would you ever kissed 11? Yuen fong- no
Have you ever been to the movies with 12? Nicholas- ya.. last year.. watch
harry potter.. preview
Have you ever gotton in trouble with 13? Johans- no.. dun think so
Would you ever make a move on 14? Russell- no way..
What do you and 15 talk about the most.? Yan jun- we dun tok.. we
write letters to each other..
Five person you would want to see them doing this:
1: bao ting
2: yan ling
3: jing yi
4: graduated frens – QTSS
5: my penpals and ex-RVians

Anything to say?

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