Haha… last week my com hang… yesterday den got back… long time never online liao… haix… should update my blog sia… but dunno wad to write le…hmm… I had been thinking… is it possible to find friends who are:

* Like-minded?

* With you through thick and thin?

* Never betry, backstab or lie to you?

* will share weal and woe with you?

* Can talk to you about anything under the sun?

* Will be able to share all your problems and secrets?

* And can be damn sure that they will never spill your darkest secrets?

* Will be able to go out with during, before, after school and holidays?

* Be as close as blood sisters and beyond?

I know… some people out there in the big big world can… but I cant… as in so far… maybe I just lack the fate… the skills and who knows wad…but I hope and wish that one day… perhaps not in my sec school life… but next year when I leave QTSS and go to poly… I will be able to find these dream friends…

But the funny thing is… I seems not to really trust friends whom are in QTSS… but those in other schools like nan hua and bishan park sec de friends cum penpals…with my secerets… I will always seems to telling them stuffs I wun normally tell ppl in QTSS…its that weird lor… is it normal… haha… oh… that might be the reason why I like making penpals…and finding my long lost friend.. but end up is him finding meโ€”khei should know who I am toking abtโ€”heehee…

Ppl/ friends/ strangers/ enemies(if any) out there… spend some time pondering abt these friends stuffs ba,,, gtg… till next time…


Anything to say?

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