my genting trip

haha… dis is a summary of my genting trip…

early morning went to geylang there wait for the coach… den spent most of the journey/morning sleeping… haha.. nth to do.. wad u expect.. reach there liao jiu check in… put bags den went with an yu-my cousin to shop.. walk around the hotel de shops la… den got play the euro express… wa.. that ride got fast got slow de… quite scary la.. but very trilling.. after that we went to play the motion master.. it’s like sentosa de Cinemania plus spy kids.. got to wear the specs ma.. den we also got play arcade.. both hotel first world and resort… resort de bigger… den we also got share ice cream… quite big de.. erm.. dinner at resort.. got lotsa choice.. eat until very full.. go back sleep that time is around 9 plus…

2nd day morning around 7 plus wake up.. so resort eat the buffet breakfast.. also got many choices.. ham.. hot dog.. eggs.. fried rice… eat liao take cable car down.. the view damn nice.. the trail also very long.. 3.4 km le.. haha.. den stop there shop a bit den go up again… after that took a bus and MRT to KL de times square and shop.. there very big.. got 13 floor.. also got indoor theme park.. all the rides there damn scary de.. fast and 360 degree le.. of course we didn’t ride la… den went to next door de another shopping center.. dunno wad is the name la… not as big but a lot of shops.. den my aunty got buy 1 shirt.. den evening come back go hotel rest.. uncle say can’t find the coupons so no choice eat the kopitiam… eat finish le we buy the tickets for hunted house.. haha.. an yu scared until hiding behind me.. before go in still asking me if I have weak heart and everything.. den end up more scared den me.. not that I very daring la.. still got some parts got scream la… haha.. but it is actually quite scary de… after that we get the tickets for euro express again but out of order.. we wait a while den change the tickets for Ferris wheels.. den an yu thought 8 pm got super star den we rush up to hotel watch in the end is some soccer de game… den she read her book.. oh ya.. we also bought a magazine.. den I listen to my MP3.. around 10 den went to sleep… haha.. 1st time spend my birthday in Malaysia…

3rd day.. which is today.. wake up liao go eat den shop a bit, go back and pack up.. 12 plus the coach come den around 8 plus den reach Singapore.. went nearby to eat ‘dinner’ den take MRT back home.. erm.. that’s it lor.. den tomorrow still got library duty.. pei wen ask me 31 go her house for party.. den of course cannot go la.. anyway I know de ppl also never go.. like reynold and some others.. dunno she got ask Darwin and aloysius go.. haha..

wad I gain from de trip ar.. experience of sleeping almost the whole journey; the coldness at genting; knowing the places of genting and a bit of KL; how daring I am; getting fatter; and a present from an yu… haha.. the bit of getting fatter might not be true ba..

P/S: an yu.. if u are reading dis.. rmb to send me the photos… :p


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