preparing for camp

Wed and fri is busy preparing for the guides camp tomorrow… 7 8 9 nov… at camp Christine… practicing the gadgets… making of group flag… we paint the flag using fingers le… haha not enough paintbrush.. plus the paint brush too big.. small de parts no choice must use hand.. den use kerosene to wash off the paint… in the end the toilet smell of kerosene… hand also.. like cannot wash off like that… now dun hav le.. my group consists of dorcas-pl, lay fang-ps, me, hui yu, hui ling and wan ting… we are called the gummies… this yer de theme is en masses.. which means all together.. coz gummies is sticky de ma… den stick together lor… haha.. group identity is the friendship band.. lay fang making… the sec 2s in charge of the 2nd night de camp fire… me, sher ying and bragita is the colour pary for 1st day… guess Iโ€™m the middle 1 again.. haha…loking forward to the camp tomorrow.. go the gummies…


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